Speo - The Awkward Chasm

What's a Speo?

Speo is a JRPG-styled dungeon crawler in the spirit of Lufia 2's Ancient Cave. The game's main objective is fairly simple in theory: reach the 100th level without dying. Every 25 floors there's an optional boss; defeating it will substantially boost your score, but the fights can be risky. See if you can reach the end, and if you want to keep on playing after that, see how high you can get your best score.

Dying in the Chasm will return you to the lobby, where you'll see the results of your expedition and be offered the chance to save your progress. Even if you die in the Chasm, your progress won't just vanish into the ether; the longer you stick at it, the more characters and perks you'll unlock.

Once you get in-game, remember to read the handbook that will be in your inventory if you need a slightly deeper overview. You might also consider reviewing the manual or FAQ.

As the game's 1.x branch is a proof-of-concept project implemented in an engine from 2000, it's pretty rough. If you find any quirks that seem seriously wrong, file a bug report! If we don't fix it in 1.x, it'll definitely be fixed by 2.x. (You can also request a new feature using the same site. Pick "feature" from the severity dropdown on the report form.)

If you're ready to take a peek, go grab a copy!